Project 1811 - FM 972, Williamson County


Construction of the rehabilitation of existing road. Consisting of full depth pavement rehabilitation and shoulders with safety treated fixed objects. From .78 miles East of FM-1105 to SH-95 in Walburg.

Project 1816 – FM 1560, Bexar County


Construction work consisting of grading, structures, base, and surface

Project 1820 – IH-10, Hudspeth County


For the replacement of an existing bridge facility consisting of replacement of bridges and approaches

Project 1904 – IH-35, Williamson County


Construction of bridge replacement consisting of grading, base, asphalt pavement, bridges, culverts, retaining walls, signing, and pavement markings.

Project 1909 – FM 970, Williamson County


Construction of safety improvements consisting of the widening and safety improvements to include improved guardrail to design standards and safety treat fixed objects.

Project 1911 – IH 20, Reeves County


Safety improvements consisting of the installation of 4 miles of concrete median barrier.

Project 1912 – FM 2304, Travis County


Widening a non-freeway consisting of grading, asphaltic pavement, drainage structures, storm sewers, traffic signals, signing and pavement markings.

- Project 1913 – IH 20, Ward County


Safety improvements consisting of the installation of 44 miles of median barrier.

Project 1914 – US 285, Reeves County


Rehabilitation of existing road consisting of plane ACP, ACP, curb repair, drainage channel earthwork, mailboxes, signs, and pavement markings.

Project 1915 – VA, Presidio County


Construction of pedestrian sidewalks and curb ramps.

Project 2003 – Travis County SL 360


Safety improvements including the installing median cable barrier

Project 2005 – Presidio 3rd Street


Construction of a shared use path and sidewalks

Project 2006 – Williamson County US 183


Installation of a continuous turn lane, construct paved shoulders

Project 2007 – El Paso County SL 375


Rehabilitation of roadway consisting of planning asphaltic concrete pavement, hot mix asphaltic pavement, and pavement markings

Project 2008 – El Paso County IH 10


Construction of asphalt concrete pavement mill and inlay, flexible pavement structure repair, RCP and drainage structures, bridge joints

Project 2009 – Bexar County Alamo Ranch Parkway


For the construction of main lanes realignment and new west bound bridge structure

Project 2010 – Williamson County SH 29


Intersection improvements consisting of roadway reconstruction from existing 4-lane roadway with center turn lane to 4-lane roadway with raised median and turn lanes.

Project 2011 – Williamson County SH 195


Safety improvements consisting of installing median cable barrier

Project 2012 – National Park Service Big Bend Chisos Basin


Roadway rehabilitation, asphalt overlay, drainage, guardrail upgrade, and pavement markings

Project 2013 – Culberson County RM 652


Widening of a non-freeway facility consisting of widening, grading, earthwork, structures, ACP, signing, and striping

Project 2014 – Pecos Municipal Airport


Taxiway and apron rehabilitation